Half-Guard Continues – Lockdown work begins (diary entry)



This morning we reached the five and a half hour point of this current further course on Mixed Martial Arts. Work on the half-guard continued and we covered a lot of material.


The warm-up consisted of a series of progressive sparring exercises. Working through the MMA ranges we began from cold with compliant, freestyle drilling. This built up to light specific sparring on the ground, including striking.


The bulk of the lesson concerned going through popular half-guard tactics and techniques. We began with taking the back. Then we moved onto acquiring Kimura locks from either side. Then we looked at the traditional sweep before moving onto the first lockdown sweep this progressed onto Eddie Bravo’s Electric Chair. We then moved onto the dog-fight sweeping positions from half-guard, such as taking the knee.


A note for next lesson is to look more into the details of the lockdown position.


The lesson finished with a round of MMA sparring.


Photo from this “The Bloody Elbow” article.

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