Guest Teaching Speed, Evasion & Multiple Attack (diary entry)

lockdown training image30.04.20


On Thursday the Oxford School of Martial Arts booked me to take a video class. 30 students logged on to train along to a self-defence visualisation/restricted training lesson. As is always the case with this club, the enthusiasm and energy was great.


We began with some dynamic stretching and then performed a few basic techniques at increasing speed. Techniques included straight strikes, hooks and knee marching.


I then covered some simple speed training exercises that can be practised at home and with limited space. We performed some isolation punches, focusing on using the hands and movement from the elbow joint. These were performed at high speed for sets of 30 repetitions. The jab, the cross and hooks were all trained. Then we trained all these movements using socks pinned to our ribs with our elbows. Finally, we trained all these movements at high speed for short bursts.


We then took three household objects and used them for some tactical escape drilling. All the students were already familiar with this concept. I then built on this with multiple attack visualisation drills.


Lockdown does not mean shutdown! If you would like to book me to teach for your club, run a small group session, conduct a webinar or for one-to-one coaching, drop me an email





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