Ground Striking & Mixing Strikes with Takedowns (diary entry)

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My first lesson on Wednesday evening was junior MMA for my teenage client. We began work on ground fighting and striking. Here we looked at ground ‘n pound, sitting in and stacking the guard. We covered the defensive structure first:

  1. Hips forward and close in to prevent the opponent hip escaping
  2. Establising a strong posture to prevent sweeps
  3. Keeping the arms in but mobile to prevent submission traps

Next we moved onto the strikes themselves. We covered the hammer-fist/overhand combination to the head and the inverse shovel hooks to the body mixed in with standard straight and hooked punches. This was worked in application with increasing levels of resistance and then transferred to the belly pad and focus mitts.

The second lesson was senior MMA where we looked at setting up strikes and takedowns together. We began with feinting high to shoot for a double leg takedown. After this we feinted a single leg takedown by touching the inside of the opponent’s leg to hide an overhand punch with the rear hand. Next we reversed this by feinting an overhand before committing to a low level takedown. Finally we put it together with an upstairs, downstairs, upstairs series of feints before shooting for a double leg. We also mixed in an actual overhand before the shoot. The lesson then finished with 2 x 5 minute rounds of MMA sparring.


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