Ground ‘n Pound Against the Wall (diary entry)


wall takedown 2 wall takedownTonight, during teacher-trainer, we completely focused on fighting from the top position against the wall. This is fairly peculiar to MMA and offers certain benefits for self-defence training. A solid wall or cage has no give and there cannot really contribute much to a rope-a-dope strategy other than it limits an opponent’s angles. Being pinned or stacked on the ground against a wall is even worse as there is only way to escape and your opponent can concentrate all their efforts to blocking that side. From the pinning party’s perspective, pins need to be adjusted to best accommodate the use of the wall.


We warmed up with a full solo ground-fighting routine. This involved neck exercises, various crawls from top and bottom position. Then my two clients went straight into cornering and setting up a double-leg takedown. This takedown, however, was designed to drive an opponent against the wall before grounding them.


I divided up the process into several stages:


  1. Cornering/head movement/feints/body-shots/shoot to the wall
  2. Consolidate standing wall-pin/takedown
  3. Pin legs with arms from side control/transition to full-mount against the wall
  4. Triangle legs/straighten out
  5. Shoulder bump/body shot one side/body shot other side/shoulder bump
  6. Posture up/hammer-fists/downward punches


Stages 5 and 6 can be transitioned to back and forth, depending on the opponent’s responses. The main objective is to keep the opponent up against the wall in as immobilised state as possible.



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