Ground-Fighting in the Final Lesson (diary entry)

eye gouge (smaller) Guard for street05.12.19


Wednesday’s lunchtime lesson saw the end of this term’s course of Self-Protection at Kingham Hill School. Today we focused entirely on symmetrical ground-fighting.


Training began with a warm-up of various crawls, snaking and other ground callisthenics designed for good muscle activation. Then we revised escaping to standing from a guard position. The object here was to empower the guard position, a typical place someone might end up in a sexual assault, and to present the best options in descending order. We then covered a control position to fight from before the escape to stand up could be attained. Next we covered the scissor sweep. If escaping to standing isn’t immediately available the defender should look to reverse the situation so they can get to a dominant position before transitioning to a knee pin and standing to escape. The guard section then finished with the guillotine choke which is the final option. We also addressed using bites, eyes gouges and strikes to assist in the defence.


At the end we covered escaping a full mount pin. First we covered the bridge/upa to reverse the position transitioning to standing. Then we covered snaking out to guard and then to standing.

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