Ground Fight Transitioning (diary entry)




Tonight’s MMA transitioning lesson focused on the hook guard. This position needs good mobility between lying back and sitting up. We warmed up a series transitioning exercises that began with movement from set postures.


Snaking/shrimping forwards and backwards for lying back, butterfly guard scooting forwards and backwards for sitting up, knee walking combat base for kneeling and v-stepping for stand-up fighting.


Then we focused on the hook guard. From here we drilled taking the back and attacking two knee bars. My client learnt how to roll from these positions and, most importantly, how to find the knee-bar. The pattern for submissions need to be learnt so that a fighter can pull them out from a variety of positions. Like just about everything in fighting, achieving these submissions comes from getting in the position and setting up the technique. Position takes precedence with the technique becoming almost incidental.


The lesson finished with specific sparring from the hook guard.

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