Ground-Defence at Kingham Hill (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing706.06.18

We entered the final stage of self-defence training in this particular course. I could expand matters into more multiple aggressor-based training, protecting others, takedowns and even weapon defence, but my mandate is to move matters in MMA training soon. Therefore, we finished with a look at symmetrical ground-fighting.


The warm-up consisted of a series of ground-orientated exercises – bear crawls, crab crawls, seal crawls and snaking/shrimping.


We began with fighting from the back using the guard position. Here the fight has somehow overbalanced and the enemy has taken a top position. The guard is a better position than being pinned even if there are a lot of risks involved. From here the fighter can control his enemy’s hips. With getting to one’s feet being the primary objective we looked at escaping by pushing/kicking the hips and scooting to a safe standing position. This was layered with counter-offensive techniques. Next we looked at sweeping. This is when an immediate scoot isn’t available. We used the most basic of sweeps from the guard. I also taught the transition to the knee-pin to regain footing. Finally I taught a choke in the form of a guillotine. This was also taught from a standing position. We then moved onto defence from the mount. Here we looked at bridging and sweeping as well as snaking/shrimping out.


The lesson finished with several rounds of pressure-testing from the guard and the mount positions. Head-cages were used to permit head-buts, eye gouges, elbow strikes and hand strikes.


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