Grappling & Anti-Grappling (diary entry)

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Hour five of my self-defence course for a bodyguard client, looked at handling grappling. Grappling, in self-defence terms, is either a backup resort in frontline cases when striking is efficient, a method for managing mid and low level violent threats and as a means for control and restraint. In order to understand anti-grappling a student needs to learn some basic clinch work.

We began with collar and elbow as well as under-hook/over-hook clinching. From here we trained taking the back and some basic standing holds as well the rear naked choke (strangle). I also covered a waist-lock takedown to knee-pin from the back. This was drilled and then performed with some resistance. Next I introduced double leg takedowns (tackles) in order to teach sprawling anti-grappling measures, followed by eye gouging and head-butts.