Grapple ‘n Strike Transitioning Continues (diary entry)

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“They said I was the fighter who got knocked down the most, but I also got up the most,”– Floyd Patterson

Tonight’s lesson continued the transitioning theme for MMA and self-defence training. Our work was to hone coordinated striking and grappling techniques throughout the transitioning phases of getting up and standing. The lesson started with a series of break-fall exercises. This led us onto break-falling and regaining footing in the same motion. Then we went back to the core exercise.


Here we began looking a little deeper at the four-punch combination whilst transitioning. Then we combined covering at appropriate points. Once this was shadowed, we brought onto the focus mitts in a progressive fashion. The exercise is much harder than it might at first appear. The actual self-defence application is very basic and straightforward. My client learnt it within his first course with me back in early 2014, but properly exploring the movement as an MMA drill is a different beast altogether. In essence, the fighter is both covering and striking whilst utilising effective postures throughout the transition. Work will continue next lesson, when we will seek to improve this pattern and also layer in kicks and grappling, looking towards pressure testing.


Photography by Charlotte Von Bulow Quirk

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