Grapple ‘n Strike Transitioning Begins (diary entry)

ground Guard for street



Tonight my client returned to the all-range transitioning course after a brief interval of stand-up training. After a warm-up of rudimentary dynamic stretching and specific calisthenics, we went back to the deck squat. This exercise is at the core of my transitioning work, developing the right force-vectors and muscle groups to enable individuals to fight off the ground to a stand position. The deck squat presents the fighter with a good indication on over all conditioning in relation to regaining footing. It tests full range of movement, flexibility, muscular endurance, explosiveness and balance.


We then broke up the individual postures and starting linking them together. This was done with striking and grappling combinations. Where necessary we looked at the exact techniques that were being used when the fighter transitioned from one posture to the next. Then they were drilled under varying degrees of light pressure, working to combine striking with grappling. The resulting freestyle drill consisted of the fighter beginning from a closed guard position and attempting sweeps and submissions. When either was countered he moved to the next posture with another attack. Whilst transitioning to these postures he brought in punches. This went all the way up into either a takedown position or a stand-up striking posture. It is a work in progress that is looking very promising and we will endeavour to improve next week.

Photography by Charlotte Von Bulow Quirk

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