Grading for October 2011 (diary entry)

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Tonight saw a couple of firsts in CCMA's grading history. For the first time the grading was held straight after a regular class. This was due to October being a very busy month and our usual monthly hall booking being taken up the "Vagabond Warriors" seminar, a service that is growing all the time. The arrange

ment worked out okay, as students had a whole hour to go over areas they weren't confident on. The next of these firsts was the second time a grading award has been given to the same student. Lauren Powell showed at least as much tenacity and good attitude as she did on the thirteenth offical CCMA grading earlier this year (her first grading) and won it whilst gaining her third grade, despite an excellent show of courage, will and knowledge by another previous grading award winner, Jack Healey. Jack was promoted to purple sash, the last of middle grades, and had to endure a lot.

Students were graded on their ability to control pre-fight scenarios, respond quickly and with conviction. Their ability to act under pressure – both against fully resistant fellow students and under the mental pressure of exam conditions – was also a major deciding factor. Areas covered included:

The fence – controlling pre-fight behaviour

Flash pad work – coaching and using focus mitts from a variety of different ranges

Takedowns – being able to take a person's balance, retain your own balaance, control a thrown opponent and recover effectivley if thrown

Weapon recognition – Responding correctly both with escape responses and to using verbal skills to alert others plus use of incidental defensive weaponary

Ground defence and fighting – Being able to regain one's footing from a ground position in both symmetrical and asymmetrical ground fighting positions.

Multiple attack situations – pressure tests including weapons, visual exclusion and scramble drills

Personal security – Answering questions on self-protection covering a variety of subjects from good

Attribute training – boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu and MMA sparring

Once again, great effort shown all round and some much deserved grades awarded.


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