Going Dutch? Mixing Western Boxing with Muay Thai (diary entry)

kick jamie11.05.19


Saturday’s second private lesson was the last hour of my two junior client’s Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training saw a full revision of elbow strikes then moved into a review of the course, a call back to the Western Boxing course and then a final round of blending Western Boxing with Muay Thai.


We warmed up with some line-work focused entirely on all the basic elbow strikes. This began with some attribute training that linked together all the main percussive elbows – horizontal, slashing and uppercut. Then we brought in diagonal elbow strikes, which link in with the elbow chop. From here we went through the main stabbing elbow strikes – spear, smash-down, side and backward. Backward elbow was then linked with horizontal elbow, bringing us full circle. We then moved onto the focus mitts, using Western Boxing focus mitts to promote better accuracy with the elbow strikes. This was followed by some sparring that worked in elbow strikes. Head cages were worn. This was very light sparring, using full Muay Thai rules.


We then went back through Western Boxing on the focus mitts before combining it with Muay Thai. This training superficially resembles Dutch Kickboxing, making good use of punches to set up kicks and follow them up.


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