Further Problem Solving

Private Client Workshop Boxing & Muay Thai Ecological Dynamics419185501_10161710920298804_4083704064717139990_n08.07.2024

Work with my couple client has been particularly rewarding of late. We are into the second hour of our second course on Boxing and are working on very specific problems encountered by each client. Today started off pretty much where we left off: one client needs to work more on handling fighters on the move whilst the other wishes to improve general movement. We began with 3 x 2 minute rounds of 2-on-1 angle attacks and defence – boxers take it in turns to attack fighter in the centre squares – boxer in centre can only counter incoming attacks.

These three rounds brought out one of my client’s weaknesses. We need to work on better head movement. Therefore the next 2 x two-minute rounds focused on that area of development. An easy way to work this is to do exercises where the fighter simply evades punches. However, head movement doesn’t just have to be negative reactions. Proactive head movement promotes a regularly shifting of position in the same way as footwork. The head can be used to feint an attack or present a target or simply reposition. In order to bring this out, we sparred for the two rounds using the attack versus defence constraint and body shots only constraint.

I then sparred the other client for a three minute round to see what problems we could find. We identified issues with handling counters. The attack was confident but defence after the attack, both in footwork and general protection, is lacking. We sparred for 2 x 2-minute rounds of attack versus counter.

Next lesson the plan is to repeat the formula with the second client and layer in more defensive work with the first.