Full Mixed Martial Arts Training (diary entry)



Tonight we looked at all ranges of Mixed Martial Arts. We began with stand-up, then moved onto clinch takedown drills, followed by Muay Thai clinch and then went through ground work before doing some integration work and sparring.


The stand-up was broken up into western boxing and Muay Thai. We built up through various punching combinations, slipping, bobbing and weaving, and basic tactics on the focus mitts. Then we switched to the Thai focus mitts. Here we covered punch-kick combinations; punch/jumping knee combinations, knee-elbow combination, leg catch/spinning elbow and some clinch freestyle with knee strikes. Moving onto grappling at clinch range, we drilled highline and lowline takedowns, collar and elbow clinching, over-hook/under-hook pummelling, takedown defence and takedown defence counters, bringing us onto the ground. Once on the ground we worked through transitioning in various pins, layering these transitions with various submissions. Next we covered the guard, both passing and basic submissions from this position. We moved back onto the focus mitts, going through all the ranges.


The lesson finished with a five minute round of MMA sparring.

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