From Butterfly to Back Mount (diary entry)

Tarn back mount4 Tarn back mount3 Tarn back mount2 Tarn back mount105.12.19


My junior clients covered their penultimate lesson in Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting on Thursday evening. I introduced the butterfly guard, half-guard and back mount as well as the butterfly sweep, knee shield and rear naked choke. We also had some fun with a few advanced techniques.


We warmed up with the usual specific callisthenics for ground-fighting such as various crawls, snaking and escape movement drills. Then I introduced the butterfly guard. Here we paid attention to keeping sat up and defended against being flattened out as well as the under-hooks. I then taught a simple rolling sweep from this position into full mount.


At this point I thought it was worth going back over the guard transition drill. This shows how well butterfly guard can move into half-guard and the importance of blocking the hip whilst trying to hook the opponent. I then taught the half-guard position. We looked at using the knee-shield as a control position before we covered transitioning to the back mount.  Points covered in the back mount included keeping low (back) when transitioning from half-guard whilst using the under-hook, getting the head over to the opposite before putting the second leg-hook in and using the seatbelt/harness grip. We also played around with using an adjusted variation with just one hook.


After 5 minutes of sparring – where the electric chair was accidentally discovered (!) – we had a look at Eddie Bravo’s patented twister hold.

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