Framing & Tempo (diary entry)

14 04 2014.04.20


Tuesday night’s first online video lesson was my regular train the trainer coaching session. During lockdown, I am training a mother and daughter to run through various Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing inspired training drills. We looked more into framing, tempo, the calf-kick and expanding combinations.


We warmed up with one-for-one kicking drills. Hand setups for kicks are now a given but I began emphasising the use of frames, pawing jabs and other hand obstructions that can be chained with the kicks. We moved onto double-kick exchanges and later varied this exercise with the insistence that one kick be substituted for a knee strike. I made this alteration to ensure the range was kept tight. We then changed to 1, 2, 3 semi-free sparring. Here one partner throws one then two and finally three techniques in combination before getting the same back. Throughout this exercise and the two previous ones we looked to anticipate a counter after the last technique landed. This rapid style of firing backwards and forwards is very much the Dutch style. This exercise was then altered to include at least one framing, pushing or pawing technique in the last combination. This section was rounded off with a type of specific sparring. One fighter was restricted to only using a framing/pushing/pawing and low kicks whilst the other could do anything. The idea is for the restricted fighter to adopt a hunter mentality, maintaining a high guard and walking down their opponent. They should seek to press the aggression and jam everything thrown back at them whilst going after low kicks.

We then moved onto the Thai focus mitts. First, we used the framing technique to set up for the calf-kick. Then we went back over last lesson’s four punch combinations each of which have a kick tagged on the end. Then we chained in the teep counter to a rear leg round kick coupled with an uppercut/hook/switch-kick combination. This is a more challenging choice of combinations. Here the fighter has to transition in a seesaw motion from jamming their opponent with the teep counter into a lead uppercut.


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