Four Postures, Three Transitions, One Fight (diary entry)

Against the Cage106.04.18

Tonight’s special double lesson took an in depth look at the four postures and three transitions of fighting. This was all mainly taken with an MMA context. We spent time looking more at travelling movement through the postures as well as the usual single transitions. After a period of dynamic stretching and training specific calisthenics we began going through the postures.


Four Postures:

Standing – Stand-up Fighting and Clinch range

Kneeling/Half-Kneeling – Combat Base for Ground Fighting Range

Seated – Butterfly Guard and Similar Mid-Range Guards for Ground Fighting Range

Back – Closed Guards and Open/Long Guards for Ground Fighting Range


Three Transitions:

Back to Seated Posture

Seated to Kneeling Posture

Kneeling Posture to Standing Posture


Each posture was trained backwards and forwards in isolation. We also looked at angling off and other movements usually restricted to fighting from the back and in footwork training. Then we worked the three transitions in isolation. This training involved travelling a short distance in one posture before transitioning to another posture whilst on the move; travelling some more in that particular posture and then transitioning back. Finally all three postures were linked up and we moved from our backs to standing across the length of the training venue backwards and forwards before reversing the action to work the negative movement. All of this was performed with no hands on the ground, which are kept to ensure more active movement and defence, with the exception of one variation of the seated posture.


Next we performed the three transitions in isolation as two man exercises. We trained clinching techniques, trapping, under and over-hooking, hip-blocking, and foot-hooking in conjunction with punching and covering in the various postures. The objective was to develop better all-round coordination of grappling positions whilst striking and defending strikes. Then we went through four set drills we have developed over the past two months – punching combinations through postures, kicking through postures and two grappling through postures.


The last phase of this two hour lesson was to test each of three transitions in specific sparring.


Round One – Stand-up to Clinch Range using MMA protective equipment. By suggestion of my client, knee strikes were barred from this round to promote more takedown attempts. The purpose of this round was set up clinching and takedowns using hand strikes and kicks.


Round Two – Ground Sparring restricted to Butterfly and Combat Base. The person fighting from Butterfly Guard looks to sweep, take the back or submit from the guard. This person mainly works from Butterfly Guard, but is free transition to half-guard and to fight from their back. Punches were permitted. The opponent mainly fights from kneeling positions and combat base


Round Three – The same restrictions are before, but with the roles reversed.

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