Foundational Jabbing (diary entry)


Hour three of my client’s course on Boxing looked at the underlying principles of the jab. After a warm-up, we discussed the jab’s primary purposes: gauging and maintaining distance. This reinforced the importance of good linear footwork, especially moving back by using the rear foot first. I also looked at the correct execution of the technique, minimising the impact of a counter-punch.

We trained the following 2-minute rounds:

  1. Open palm touching guard and forehead – jabbing from edge of range and long range (double jab).
  2. Same as above with a back-step and jab.
  3. Jab only sparring bringing in catches and parries.
  4. Jab/straight only sparring with catches and parries.
  5. As above introducing blocks
  6. Body shot only sparring
  7. Ditto