Force Vector Combat Conditioning (diary entry)

resistance band guard11.03.19


This evening’s lesson brought my client up to his sixth hour of Combat Conditioning. We focused on pulling and pressing actions involved in martial arts actions covering stand-up, clinch and ground. This was followed by two 5 minute rounds of MMA sparring.


The lesson began with a series of callisthenic exercises and dynamic stretches. This was then followed with line-work drills covering different stances and techniques. We first moved footwork from Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling followed by ground-fighting movements. This was layered in with punching, kicking/knees, takedown entries and submission callisthenics respectively. We then took these movements over to some resistance exercises.


The following exercises are inspired by force-vector and dynamic correspondence based training. The concept is that training movements in a certain direction as certain simple exercises has a corresponding benefit to activities and sports that generally move in that direction. However, it should be noted that such training can be counter-productive if the participant focuses more on mimicking techniques using resistance training methods.


We did the following exercises


Cross-punching – Resistance band pushing and pulling versions of the same movement

Spear Knee – Resistance band pushing and pulling versions of the same movement

Double Leg Takedown – Resistance band pulling and pressing against force coming forward

Butterfly Guard – Pulling with resistance band and pressing a human body


Each of these was then followed with technique confirmations using focus mitts or in simple drills.


The lesson finished with 2 x 5 minute rounds of MMA sparring.


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