Footwork! (diary entry)

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I was booked for teacher consultancy on footwork development for stand-up fighting. We went through a pattern of basic footwork exercises, layered them with punching combinations and then moved onto footwork conditioning exercises. Key things to remember include retaining a balanced stance (Never place more than 50% of your weight on the front foot, preferrably less), back heel should always be raised and front heel should be just off at all times, most Western Boxing stances (with the exception of the peek-a-boo and some high guards) have the feet pointed at roughly 45 degrees, Muay Thai stances tend to be square on, and to keep the hands up in a ready, active position at all times.

Here is basic plan I suggested for my client to implement:

  • Forward step – forward and back
  • Back step – back and forward
  • Skip step – chaining these two movements together
  • Lateral step – same procedure as above
  • Pivot step – back step through a 90 degree arc

After this, punches should be layered in. Lateral punches can be used for the first four movements and a lead hook is good technique to couple with the pivot step.

I also introduced pendulum/boxer’s bounce steps, switch-hitting, shuffles, diamond step and V-step, but this advanced material is much better handled at a later stage.

Agility cones were used to teach intuitive directional changes. This was first done using a + shape for the forward, backward and lateral footwork. The same sahep was used for backing off into the L-step. A circle of eight cones with one cone in the centre was used for the aforementioned directional changes. The ladders allowed for faster footwork training in all directions and with layered on punching. This section was completed with chopping forwards, backwards and laterally.

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