Footwork and Uppercuts (diary entry)



This morning’s private lesson brought my two junior students up to the six hour point of the Basics in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training Course. We worked making footwork more unpredictable, moving out of corners, low hooks and I introduced the lead hand uppercut.

We began with mirror footwork. This began with a large focus on backwards and forwards footwork, layering it with jabbing, slipping and parrying. Then I had the side feeding the jabs dictate footwork, making it more unpredictable. This brought us onto drawing and creating distance.

Whilst I took one of my clients on the focus mitts I had the other work the heavy bag. In addition to putting combinations together and angling off, I drilled a trademark Mike Tyson rope escape low hook/uppercut. Areas I addressed included maintaining the guard when throwing low punches and the dangers of crowding an opponent.

I then introduced the lead hand uppercut. Here the fighter ducks, turns their fist round and fires the punch upwards as they straighten up. It is important to keep the back straight and to resist the urge to pull the punching hand back. I advised the goblet squat as good method for training the right force vectors, keeping the back straight and opening up the hips for the uppercut punch.

The lesson finished with two rounds of sparring.

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