Footwork and the Jab

Boxing Jab



Second early bird training this week with the usual 5:30 a.m. start and my client’s first lesson in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training.   We immediately began with footwork – forwards, backwards, sideways and v-stepping. This was trained first in a standard freeway as a warm-up exercise. Then markers were introduced and we also used a tyre to discipline maintaining a strong stance throughout the movement. Next, we tested it with a cornering game. Attention was made to reduce bouncing, keeping foot movement smooth and eliminating any shuffling.


Then we moved onto the jab. Here we looked at retention of the guard and developing reflexes. The jab is first taught as a range finder and a setup technique. I wasn’t interested in developing power or even speed at this stage. I just wanted my client to be comfortable using the jab to control the distance and to coordinate the punch with his footwork. The jab was trained on the focus mitts and then as part of an attack and defence drill.

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