Fluidity & Footwork (diary entry)

Dempsey book 724.10.20

My client reached hour seven of his course on Boxing techniques for martial arts cross training. We followed a similar routine to Tuesday and Wednesday’s clients, looking to increase fluidity through punches, develop footwork and look for small details to improve in basic technique.

After our callisthenic and dynamic stretching warm-up we went through the basic punching isolation exercise. This consisted of throwing a constant flow of single straights, single uppercuts and single hooks before separating these into two-combinations for speed and then having them performed on the heavy bag. I also brought in freestyle punches as a fourth exercise. We then turned our attention to footwork beginning with the step-jab and then moving onto the pendulum step. This was done off both sides with a build-up of punches in a combination.

The lesson finished with the low stance footwork exercise and a footwork tabata featuring punching.

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