First Closed-Door Workshop (diary entry)

impact (smaller)JAMIE KICK16.12.19


Tonight I held a very special lesson just for my private clients. Hopefully these will be regular workshops for all my clients to meet up and train together, providing the added benefit of a club atmosphere and goals to aim for within the group. This took the form of a two-hour workshop. We covered coaching and impact development. Partner work was constantly revolved with everyone getting an opportunity to train with one another.


The lesson began with callisthenics, dynamic stretching, mirror footwork and one-for-one sparring. One-for-one sparring was done without protective equipment to better focus on technique placement. We also did not allow checking, parrying or block, encouraging those on the receiving end to move with the techniques. This built up to trading combinations. Next they did 1, 2, 3 combinations (one technique, followed by two, followed by three).  This was followed by kick-catching and countering kick-catching. Next they moved onto clinching and clinch drilling. Finally they sparred.


The next section focused on my Feedback Loop Training. This is great way to train both the coach and the student with both benefitting and keeping their training relevant. The first round consists of flash-pad drilling. The second round consists of defence only. The third round consists of the coach providing a target whilst firing back immediately as the student strikes. Next this is fed into sparring. The stage after this is to then feed all of this back into the third stage again and then back into sparring again. Everyone had an opportunity to be both the coach and the student with different partners.


We then moved onto impact development. We focused on the cross, the teep, the hook and the round kick. Crosses were trained from a relaxed stance, focusing on individual impact. They were then trained from restrictive positions. This same principle was also used for the hooks. The kicks were deconstructed. We used the pendulum method for the teep.

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