First Chokes & Chasing the Kimura (diary entry)



Earlier on Wednesday my schools clients were on their half-term break so I was able to squeeze in my private junior clients for a lunchtime lesson of Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting. This brought them up to the fifth hour of their course. Today we looked at three chokes from scarf-hold and north-south, and we also chased the Kimura lock around the body.


We began with movement callisthenics – crawls and snaking. Then we went back through the pinning flow-drills, clockwise and anti-clockwise. These were then performed again under mild pressure before we focused on scarf-hold and north-south positions.


In scarf-hold we looked that arm-triangle and then, as a contingency plan, the snake-choke. Moving into north-south we covered the reverse arm-triangle. Here we also looked at the Kimura-lock as a contingency. After this we looked at how the lock could be chased from side-control to scarf-hold to north-south and then set up into an arm-bar on the opposite side of the body.

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