Final Stand-up Grappling Lesson (diary entry)

shoulder throw16.07.2019


On Tuesday I finished my client’s 10 hour course on Basic Clinch/Stand up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. We covered some agility exercises specific for wrestling and I introduced the two-handed shoulder throw as the final technique of the course.


After some basic callisthenics and mobility stretches for grappling we moved onto the agility ladder and cones. Ladder drills includes turning the hips and cone drills included at and defence switching angles.


After some solo drills on setting up hip throws, double leg takedowns and sprawls we moved onto the double-arm shoulder throw. This technique is perhaps one of the most risky for when we transfer over into submission grappling, as it gives up the back. Nevertheless, it is still popularly taught in most grappling combat sports and is an important basic throw.

The lesson was finished with two five minutes of grappling sparring. The first round was grip fighting and positional control. The second round was takedown sparring.


The above photo is from the below video on the shoulder throw

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