Final Self-Defence Lesson for Kingham Hill This Year (diary entry)


The final part of my self-protection course for teenagers at Kingham Hill drew to a close on Wednesday. My two groups went back over their anti-grappling training, we also revised a lot of the main material from the course, looked at protecting others, dealing with “friendly interference” and I finished on discussion regarding the post-fight.

My “When Parents Aren’t Around” course on teenage self-protection has been a 10 hour course for each of the two groups. We have gone through a presentation on understanding the nature of violence, the importance of attitude and situational awareness, dealing wiht fear, as well as basic legal aspects related to self-defence. Physical training has mainly been pad-work based and I have adapted to the demands of the students. Dealing with a mixed ability class with a limited period of time, the all-in-important pressure testing aspects of training have to be intelligently modified.


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