Final Boxing Lesson – Assessment Sparring (diary entry)


My second lesson of the morning was my two junior clients’ final lesson in their 10 hour course on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We revised all combinations, slips, blocks and footwork covered before sparring for four rounds and then we assessed all areas that needed attention.

Taking each client individually I warmed them up with mirror footwork and evasion training. Here we addressed the importance of moving in and out of danger as well exploiting openings after punches have been thrown.

This moved us onto the focus mitts, where we built up to and revised the 11 punch combination, working in slipping, parrying and then adding in the v-step to set up for overhand punches and shovel hooks, and the L-step to use the low jab.

Next I assessed both of them over four rounds of sparring. This raised problems with their guards and footwork diversity/predictability. We worked on correcting these errors by performing some lengthier rounds of deconstructed sparring. In essence, I coached them as they picked their shots off me.


We discussed the use of agility cones for improving footwork.

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