Fighting from the Top (diary entry)

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Friday night’s lesson brought my regular client up the two and a half hour point of this particular course on Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting. As per our last lesson, we thought it best to thoroughly revise material in previous courses on this discipline before moving onto new material.


After a preliminary warm-up we did 2 x 3 minute rounds of grappling calisthenics, dedicating 30 seconds to each exercise. These exercises worked top position, guard, submissions and escapes. Next we moved onto partner drills, beginning with the top position and transitioning through pins.


The technique section of the lesson was a complete revision of major submissions from each pin. We looked at several variations as we moved onto each pin – focusing on chokes and arm-locks – and also transitioning through pins whilst attacking an arm.

Side Control – Americana, Kimura, Arm Triangle, Spinning Arm-Bar

Scarf-Hold – Scissor Leg Arm-Bar, Americana, Arm Triangle, Snake Choke

North South – North South Choke, Brabo Choke, Kimura

Side Control/Scarf-Hold/North South Transition – Kimura Hold transitioning into Arm-Bar

Knee-Pin – Arm-Bar, Shoulder-Trap Arm-Bar

Reverse Scarf-Hold – Kimura, Brabo Choke

Then we went through escapes from each pin to a dominant position. Finally, we covered two guard passes – combat base through the guard and stacking/passing under the guard.

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