Fighting from and against Pins (diary entry)







Friday night began my client on a Submission Grappling course. This is not his first but we decided it was an area that needed attention. Tonight’s one hour lesson acted as a revision on fighting from and defending pins.


We began with some dynamic stretching and submission grappling callisthenics – bear crawls, lizard crawls, crab crawls, seal crawls, explosive backward press-ups, frog jumps, monkey crawls, snaking/shrimping, sidewinding, sit-outs, arm-bar reverse crunches, triangle reverse crunches and upa bridges. Then we moved onto the top positioning and all the major pins.


After drilling transitioning through pins off both sides twice, we moved through submission choices and I looked at details on the Americana from side control, the Kimura from side control, the arm-bar from scarf-hold, snake-choke from scarf-hold, arm-triangle from scarf-hold, Kimura from north-south, reverse triangle choke from north-south, arm-bar from knee-pin, Kimura from reverse scarf-hold, reverse triangle choke from reverse scarf-hold and most of the above from the full-mount. We also looked at transitioning with the Kimura lock from side control through scarf-hold and north-south into an arm-bar from the opposite side.


We then moved onto escapes as I transitioned through the pins. My client looked the upa reversal from under side control, scarf-hold and full-mount; snaking to guard from side control and full-mount; snaking to attacks from the back and arm-bar against scarf-hold and reverse scarf-hold; upa bridging to side dog-fight sweep from under the north-south position and the knee-pin.

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