Feedback Loop Training in Action (diary entry)




Tonight we continued our sparring themed series of classes. These are lessons specifically designed to test and correct certain aspects of my client’s personal range of skills as well as tactics. It is not always easy to do this on a one-to-one basis for various reasons, but there are general observations that can be made that will aid a client to reach his potential as a martial artist and fighter. We use feedback training loops whereby drills and pad-work segue into sparring and, in turn, the sparring is fed back into the drills and pad-work.


We began with stand-up footwork. This takes on the form of mirroring, teaching angling, evasive movement, cornering and spatial awareness whilst on the move. I gradually introduced flash targeting, which requires greater coordination and we then we focused on defence. This was then changed to clinch footwork. Similar principles apply to the stand-up work except this time the fighter is prompted to sprawl. We then moved to the ground range, working long-distance guard-work at 60% resistance (very light competitive). This was followed with mid-range work at the same resistance, both attack and defence.


Work then went back to the stand-up range with the Thai focus mitts. We drilled various tactics explored in sparring from the previous lesson. We then sparred for a round under Muay Thai rules. This was followed with a round of MMA sparring starting from the clinch position.


Picture by Sonia Audhali Photography circ. 2010

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