Family Muay Thai (diary entry)

muay thai shin block04.01.2022

My client reached the 5.5 hour point of his course with a 1.5 hour lesson that included me teaching not only him but also his three children. They have all returned from a holiday in Thailand where they have been taking lessons in Muay Thai virtually every day. It was interesting to see how their technique had come on and what they had learned. I only had time to do a brief overview with them all, but we went through punch/kick combination, elbow/knee combinations, punch/elbow combinations and even some clinch. Areas that need most attention are defence and posture, but we certainly got a lot of techniques.

The lesson began with 2 x rounds each for the youngest children, followed by 4 x round each for the teenager and the father. I helped re-introduce more work on shin-checks, teep blocks and using the teep as a range finder. Clinch training – only performed with the father – looked at countering spear knees.



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