Explosive Guard Passes & Attacking the Shoulder (diary entry)

Shoulder lock diary14.09.20

The sixth hour of my clients’ Submission Grappling course looked at footwork for guard passes, an explosive stacking pass and the omoplata shoulder lock from guard and sparring.

My two clients began with a warm-up of footwork exercises. We used the toe-to-line footwork drill for guard passing. This begins with simple forward and backward rhythmic movements, keeping the posture low. We then progressed with side-steps and crescent steps before moving onto going through the guard and passing guard into knee-pin. Finally, we looked at an explosive stacking pass exercise. This particular movement

The two partners then paired up for the application of this last move. Whilst comparing it to steadier, slower passes from the previous lessons this explosive pass carries higher risk but is arguably more powerful and takes the opponent by surprise. Next we moved onto the omoplata and the many opportunities for when it can be executed.

The lesson finished with some guard-passing sparring.

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