Expanding on In-Fighting (diary entry)

clinch sweep18.04.2022

My couple clients’ eight and ninth hours of their 10 hour course on MMA clinch looked at various ways dirty boxing could be used as counters and set-ups. We began with revision on upper-body holds such as the collar/elbow and over-hook/under-hook drilling. From here we looked at how the collar ties can not only be accessed by using hooks but also immediately turned into posting tools to set up rear hand straights and elbows. From here the straight strike might turned into another collar tie whilst the original collar tie transfers to wrist control and from there to another straight strike. We also looked at how under-hooks might be turned into shoulder bumps and slashing elbows into under-hooks. Breaking collar ties might also be used to generate force into straight strikes. These examples of turning strikes into grips or even concealing grips and vice versa can then be taken onto the wall where we also looked not only using clinching/dirty boxing combinations but also over-hook/under-hook reversals. They can also be used to set up takedowns such as the outside leg trip which we used in this instance.

The lesson finished with 2 x 5 minutes MMA specific clinch-striking sparring.


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