Exiting July with a Teep (diary entry)



Wednesday night the nephew and uncle double lesson got underway with lowline takedowns for the junior section and advanced Muay Thai combination work for the senior section.


Both classes warmed up on the agility ladders and cones. The senior lesson included some revision on the L-Step and V-step work. We also looked at using other technique suggestions. The junior class also used the cones to set up for a sprawl double-leg takedown combination. Here we addressed the importance of staying in a low stance when grappling.


The junior class then moved into bulling (collar and elbow tie) and the outer reap throw. We then revised the arm-drag to take the back, an arm-drag counter drill and arm-drag into double takedown combination. The junior lesson finished with an introduction to the single leg takedown.


Once the agility and footwork based warm-up was finished, the senior lesson moved onto combinations from the southpaw position. We used the overhand jab/shoulder roll/overhand jab/round kick combination. Then we went back over the boxing combination from last week up-jab/jabbing cross and replaced the jabbing cross with a diagonal knee strike. Next we used the teep feign/mid-section round kick/teep exit combination.


Moving back to orthodox, we built up a lengthy combination of kicks and punches that covered all levels – jab/cross/shovel hook/low round kick/jab/cross/spear knee/jab/high round kick.


The lesson finished with two rounds on the focus mitts and belly pad, first boxing and the second Muay Thai.

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