Escaping & Taking the Back (diary entry)

Tarn back mount318.05.19


My Saturday morning client’s special course reached hour nine. We have been splitting each session into Muay Thai advanced techniques and Submission Grappling escapes from underneath. Last week we put the entire focus on Muay Thai. This week we are spotlighted Submission Grappling, where we looked at escaping reverse scarf-hold and the mount.

After a warm-up of floor exercises we moved onto reverse scarf-hold. Here we looked at snaking/shrimping to take back mount. We looked at two attacks from here in accordance with the way the opponent reacts. First, we looked at rear naked choke and then we looked at the arm-bar. The most important aspect of this escape is the speed one moves. A good opponent will not try to cling to reverse scarf-hold the moment your hips our out. They will scramble to side control. Therefore, it is crucial that the person escaping snakes out to immediately put their hook in.


Likely defences include the opponent pinning the hooked leg and fending off the other hook in order to turn into your guard. This why the fighter needs to ensure they have both arm and neck options open. If the arm is selected the Kimura hold is a good way to set up for the arm-bar.


Next we moved onto the mount where we covered bridging to sweep, snaking to half-guard and snaking to butterfly guard. This was covered in Wednesday’s lesson. The class was finished with two five minute rounds of specific sparring – escaping reverse scarf-hold and escaping the mount.

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