Escaping North-South & Sparring (diary entry)


Hour five of my couple clients’ second course on submission grappling/ground-fighting brought us to defending against the north-south pin. After warming up with appropriate muscle activation and sport specific exercises, we revised the pin transition drills and then I had both clients train this under pressure. The pressure benefits both parties. Those transitioning through the pins get some honest feedback on how well they are maintaining pressure throughout the drill and also whether they being fluid enough. The person adding pressure, although is in a coaching role, gets a tactile sense of when to bridge and when to snake.

The north-south defence became the main topic of the lesson. Here we looked at bridging to turtle on a 90 degree angle. We focused moving a freed arm to the outside and sending the hips over to a place where the defender can counter-attack from the side. From here I taught a simple dog-fight sweep.

The lesson’s final section consisted of 5 x 2 minute specific sparring, attacking and defending against pins.