Escaping Kick-Catches & Scarf-Holds (diary entry)

kick catch10.04.19


Wednesday night was my normal junior/senior nephew/uncle double lesson. The junior lesson continued Muay Thai training, introducing escapes from kick-catches, whereas the senior lesson continued work on escapes from pins, focusing on escapes from the adjusted scarf-hold.


The junior lesson generally concentrated on refining everything that has been covered over the course. We worked on maintaining stance and good hand positioning throughout the execution of various combinations. The back kick and spinning elbow were also taught as counter-techniques and setups. I also did more work kick-catching. We focused on catching the teep in addition to catching the round kick. Two escapes from the kick-catch were also introduced: the basic tear down and cross punch as well as clinching.


The senior lesson began with a series of callisthenic ground fighting exercises. Then we revised two escapes from side control – a reversal and the electric chair. Next we moved onto the adjusted scarf-hold. This is a position developed in submission grappling that uses an under-hook instead of a head-lock. We covered the head scissors counter-move from this position and also taking the back.



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