Escaping Full Mount (diary entry)

escape from mount 2 mount13.07.20


The eighth hour of my client’s second MMA course (submission grappling/ground-fighting specific) arrived at the full-mount. This position is an especially difficult as the mount is one of the strongest positions in symmetrical ground-fighting.


The lesson began with the usual warm-up of ground-fighting callisthenics and dynamic stretching, moving onto pin transition drilling between my client and her lockdown partner. As per last week’s lesson, the second time each of the participants drilled their pins from either side their partner offered a small degree of resistance.


We covered both the sweep and a pure escape from this position. The sweep involved using the upa, bridging, and securing an arm before turning the opponent onto their back. Trapping the arm comes from the opponent posting when they are moved by the fighter’s bridging action. This typically happens when the opponent has their knees in tight and bases out with their arms. By contrast, pure escapes usually occur when the opponent brings their arms in tight – usually on the fighter’s chest – and they base out with their knees. By basing out, the opponent leaves an opening for the fighter to snake their hips out and move to half-guard or guard.

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