Escaping Full-Mount and Sparring (diary entry)



The first Monday night lesson was the ninth hour of my client’s second MMA continued work on escaping the full-mount. I also introduced some specific sparring.


We concentrated on keeping movements tight throughout the reversal escape of the full-mount, being careful not to give the back and also to not leave a pause between bridging and turning. The escape to guard was originally an escape to half-guard, which is where I usually end up! However, I decided to change to full guard in this instance as worked better for my client and her lockdown partner.


I then moved on two specific sparring rounds. These were five minute rounds with the winner reversing roles with the loser each time. The first round was pressure-testing escaping pins. The second round was a touch the head game where a standing fighter tries to get around their opponent’s long guard. The second game was a great way to introduce some simple principles for guard work.

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