Escapes, Sweeps & Knee-Bars





On Thursday night ran my client’s final lesson in my junior course of Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting. We looked at escapes from the north-south, knee pin, reverse scarf-hold and the full mount pins as well as executing knee-bars from the top and bottom of half-guard.



The lesson began with static only exercises for muscle activation. These consisted of a full range of top and bottom ground-fighting callisthenics.



Escapes from north south and knee pin were all involved use of the upa combined with the dog-fight sweep. Escape from reverse scarf-hold looked at snaking into back mount. Back mount was also revised as an alternative if the dog-fight sweep was countered. The mount covered using the upa again whilst trapping the arm turning the opponent over into their guard. A second escape involved snaking to half-guard. This moved us onto attacking knee-bars from the bottom and top positions.

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