Escapes from Pins & MMA Combinations Continue (diary entry)




My Wednesday evening class was divided up into Junior Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting and Senior Mixed Martial Arts. Junior class looked at the Kimura from side control and countering the scarf-hold. Senior MMA training continued on last week’s themes of combinations from different ranges.


The junior class began with work on the agility ladders, performing various crawls and top position work. We then did some snaking/shrimping and bridging/upas for work on the back, including the infamous side-winders. We then drilled pin transitioning from both sides three times and then once each side with mild resistance. Next we moved onto the side control position and setting up a Kimura. Last week we covered the Americana. This time introduced at its far more versatile relative. I focused on ensuring the opponent’s body was immobilised with a strong pin before establishing the hold and moving the arm away from the body to complete the submission.


Moving onto escapes we moved onto the scarf-hold, having previous covered countering side control. Here we covered both the classical scarf-hold and the under-hook scarf-hold. This included bridging and rolling as well as snaking to the back and also the arm-bar.


The senior lesson began with various range specific drills beginning with ladder drills for boxing, wrestling and submission grappling followed by partner drills for guard-work as well as one-for-one sparring exercises. The main lesson used a lot of Muay Thai and Western Boxing strategies to set up clinch takedowns. We drilled work on the focus mitts where punching combinations were used to set up takedowns and kicks were countered. We also drilled more dirty boxing combination work both against the cage and in the middle. Then we added the belly-pad allowing for teeps, knees and autonomous body shots. Then the Thai pads allowed for round kicks. Finally, we drilled combinations inside the ground guard. The lesson finished with one five minute round of sparring.