Entanglement (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint4 (small)The fifth in the CCMA series of weapon cross-training for martial arts looked at entanglement. This is where grappling is not only used as means for disarming, but weapons are used as aids for applying levers and locks.

We warmed up with single stick and then double stick, going through simple patterns of movement and transitioning through ranges. We then revised angles of attack both with the stick and the knife. Next we moved onto methods for using a weapon against an attacker, resulting in various ways to entangle them, restrain them or hold them in a better position. This moved into the whole the focus of the lesson. We applied takedowns from the high, mid and low lines of attack. The high range involved using pressure against the neck and head. The mid-range included different variations on arm and shoulder locks. The low ranges brought in a highly efficient unbalancing technique taught to me by Hock Hocheim.

The stick is a versatile and easily accessible weapon. When used to entangle, restrain or unbalance an attack it has unique properties. It helps reinforce your technique bringing in greater stability for the user.