Elbows Strike! (diary entry)

uppercut elbowJamie-Clubb-8-pic204.05.19


Saturday morning’s second lesson saw the penultimate session for this junior course in Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We worked on tightening up all combinations, improving defence and then going through all elbow strikes.


Our warm-up consisted of a series of building up exercises. We began with mirror footwork, both of my clients getting distancing and angling-off right. Then I introduced simple tools for creating distance such as the long guard and the teep. Next both student donned protective equipment and one played attack whilst the other played defence. They then swapped roles and also did both with me. We moved onto clinch-work, gradually building up the resistance from one-for-one to specific sparring. This section finished with sparring, including stopping for critique.


The next section saw all of this brought onto the focus mitts. We went through basic attacks and defences followed by clinching and clinch disengagement.


The final section was focused on going through all the basic elbow strikes: horizontal, slashing, uppercut, diagonal, chop, smash-down, spear, backward and sideward. They were taught in sequence and as part of likely combinations.

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