Elbows, Knees & Ground Work (diary entry)


My second lesson of the day was my regular nephew and uncle team. The junior lesson covered horizontal knees, uppercut elbows, side elbows, diagonal elbows and chopping elbows in Muay Thai. The senior lesson looked at effective transitioning from the top position into pins, submissions and striking.

The junior lesson warmed up with mirror footwork, building up basic combinations and then moving onto the clinch. When in the clinch we looked at various positions for setting up knee strikes and sweeps. Breakaways were also covered, where the horizontal knee came into play. We used this as a defensive tool for creating space in the clinch and then setting up for diagonal knees. Then we went over the previously described list of elbow strikes. The junior lesson finished with two rounds of sparring.

The senior lesson

We began with a simple top position pinning transitional exercise. Once this was fluid and being performed at a decent speed, we looked at submission from each position. These were then drilled in a fluid succession. Next we looked at striking combinations from each pin. We then began to drill these in succession with a view to setting up the submissions. We will improve, layer and progress this training in next week’s special hour and half lesson.


Please note the above footage is an example of a top position exercise and not taken from this particular diary entry.

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