Elbows & Angles (diary entry)






This morning’s lesson brought my client up to the six hour mark of his 10 hour course in Martial Arts Cross Training. We used some principles taken from Eskrima to inform MMA and self-defence techniques.


We warmed up using double sticks. This consisted of rudimentary dynamic stretching exercises and transitional coordination exercises. We moved through postures using angle 1 and 2 double stick strikes. These were then transferred onto focus mitts with hammer-fists, forearm strikes and elbow slash/elbow chop combinations. I also used angle 1/angle 8 v-step double stick drills to further promote coordination, varying ranges and, more specifically, addressing angling off. We looked at empty hand drills, specifically those found in Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA that used angling off. We also used angle 1/angle 11 double stick drill to set up for trapping parry/standing arm-bar.


Next we tested some of the elbow applications in a round of stand-up MMA sparring. Full head cages were worn to encourage use of elbow strikes. Clinching, punching and kicking was also permitted.


We then moved to the ground and using the various angled empty hand strikes in guard and from guard. We used hammer fists and elbows downwards into guard. Then we used chopping elbows from the guard to complete a triangle choke.

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