Elbow Strike Clinic (diary entry)

Cover Elbow (loose)14.11.2022

Tonight for my client’s second hour of her second Muay Thai course we took a break from looking at southpaw strategies to focus on elbow strikes. It proved to be a deep dive into just two types of elbow strike – the horizontal and spear variations – and how they fitted into combinations.

After a specific sport and muscle activation series of exercises, we isolated the two elbow strikes and looked at their delivery. This was done a shadow boxing exercise, on the focus mitts and in application. We worked with the elbows in isolation, together and then chained with a jab/cross.

Next I chained them onto a simple punching combination:

  1. Jab/rear elbow
  2. Jab/cross/lead elbow
  3. Jab/cross/hook/rear elbow
  4. Jab/cross/hook/cross/lead elbow

Once this had been performed on the move, I brought in the low round kicks. The concept here is that the abrupt nature of the elbow strike maintains all attention to head defence, leaving the lowest target areas vulnerable. We trained the following:

  1. Jab/rear elbow/switch-kick
  2. Jab/cross/lead elbow/rear kick
  3. Jab/cross/hook/rear elbow/switch-kick
  4. Jab/cross/hook/cross/lead elbow/rear kick

We then used a spear elbow coming off a jab/cross combination to set up for a powerful straight rear punch.


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