Elbow Strike Clinic Continues (diary entry)

Elbow sparring (1)uppercut elbowElbow sparring (4)24.11.2022

Hour three of my client’s second course on Muay Thai continued work on elbow strikes. We went through all the material covered in the previous lesson, incorporated new combinations and applied pressure. For the latter, I sparred using a head cage. These full-face head-guards aren’t ideal but allow for students to execute elbow and knee strikes to the head in a sparring situation. However, due to the vision restrictions I decided to only wear the head guard and prohibit myself from throwing elbow strikes. I created sparring situations where my client could use these techniques in addition to the usual punches, kicks, knees and clinching.

This lesson also saw the introduction of the spinning elbow. I then chained this into a kick-catch counter, after a lead horizontal elbow and  a lead round kick. We also made good use of the long guard to set up downward elbow smashes.