Edged Weapon Injuries and Defence Strategy (diary entry)

knife and edged weapon webinar16.02.21

Tuesday night continued and concluded the soft skills knife and edged weapon awareness programme that I have been delivering as a private lesson prior to the public course this Sunday. Last week and this week I have taught it as part of my teaching consultancy private lessons. Tonight we looked the nature of edged weapon injuries – lacerations, puncture wounds and incisions/slashing injuries. We also covered the effects of blood loss for such injuries. The soft skill section was completed with an overall plan for hard skills strategies using the KEWAP (Knife and Edged Weapon Awareness Programme). I followed this with a brief overview of the third part of my course, which combines elements from the late Karl Tanswell’s S.T.A.B. (Survival Tactics Against Blade) programme and Mo Teague’s Hard Target System.

I will be teaching the first part of my Edged Weapon Defence and Awarness webinar trilogy this Sunday 21st March. Book your place by email lee@keiryukarate.com

If you would like to book a private lesson with me, please email jamie@clubbchimera.com

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