Easter Hard Target Day 1 (diary entry)


Yet again, I had the pleasure to deliver Mo Teague’s Hard Target System to a diverse selection of individuals. 14 were down for the weekend course, but only 11 made it through! Those who did make it through were not of an especially different physicality, age or professional attitude to those who didn’t. From my experience, it was more a case of they wanted it more!

We went through the usual soft skills section; dealing with pre-fight issues via Mo Teague’s copyrighted “Confrontation Map”. The class assessed CCTV footage of real cases and we discussed what the footage told us about real fight situations. Discussions raised throughout the course often moved into the comparison between self protection and combat sports. I am a big advocator of combat sport training. Both Mo Teague and I coach MMA, and have backgrounds in full contact martial arts like boxing, muay, Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling. We both agree that these activities are excellent for attribute training towards self defence hard skills and that an awful lot of derogatory nonsense is put out against full contact fighting. The truth of the matter, as far as Hard Target (and Clubb Chimera Martial Arts for that matter) is concerned, is that there definitely is a firm distinction. There is still plenty to learn from combat sports that the self defence world can benefit from if they take their prejudiced blinkers off, but equally it is misleading to think that any sporting activity shares the same fundamental objectives or approaches as a system that geared towards dealing with interpersonal violence. Please see my clip taken from the first Martial Arts Show (then called the Martial Arts Festival), where I describe the difference between a consensual match fight (as seen in sport) and an assault situation.

After lunch I introduced the group to the core techniques of the system. The number of techniques does vary from seminar to seminar, depending a lot on how an individual instructor teaches them. I can boil it down to two and maybe even one accompanied by a few support tools, but we have found that around 13 serve as an easy way for your average student to interpret basic concepts. We begin with hooked and straight strikes, which serve as the primary attack tools for delivering fight-stopping results i.e. a concussion. Then we look at especially vulnerable parts of the body that should be trained in order for a student to take advantage should they be easily accessed i.e. the throat. Other variations of the hooked and straight line strikes are shown in the use of forearm, elbow and knee strikes as well as groin and leg strikes, anti-grappling and primal grappling support tools.

Day 1 was finished with a taster of the ordeals the group would endure on Easter day!

DON’T MISS: Clubb Chimera Martial Arts free workshop on Sunday May 8th at The Martial Arts Show.

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